Hi, I'm Megan.


I've been working as a project manager since 2016. My early days in the role would have been a struggle without Elizabeth, a project manager who'd been in the role a few years longer than me. She not only helped me through specific project challenges, but also pointed me toward resources that shaped the way I think about leading projects, equipping me to navigate challenges more easily on my own.

Now, with 7+ years and hundreds of projects under my belt, I feel a tremendous pride in the structure and direction¬†I can offer a team who has an idea¬†they want to make into reality. I want to help you as a new project manager (or leader of projects) to overcome the overwhelm at all the decisions and skills required of you, to walk into a room with confidence, and to lead projects you're proud of‚ÄĒprojects with impact.

I hope you have an Elizabeth. But I would be delighted to be another Elizabeth in your corner, cheering you on and showing you the way.

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